Why is Choosing RE/MAX Professionals in Arizona Important to A Seller or Buyer?

In Arizona and Phoenix you will hear that one Real Estate Company is better that the others from my buyers, sellers, and investors.  Much of this are personal choices or may be based on a referrals one could receive from a friend, family or an even an associate.  The answer to this perplexing question is it depends on who you are talking too and what is the comparison standards for to coming up with the correct answer?

Top 5 Real Estate Firms Nationally and in Phoenix

Hear are the Top 5 Real Estate franchises nationally in order of national rankings –  RE/MAX, Realty Executives, ERA, Coldwell Banker, and Keller Williams.  If we are talking about Arizona and the Phoenix Market the Top 5 are in order of the ranking are a little different as one would expect.

The Top 5 Phoenix or Arizona franchises in order of the ranking are – RE/MAX Professionals, RE/MAX Excalibur Realty, Realty Executives of Phoenix, West USA Realty, and Keller Williams Realty Professional Partners.

OK Let’s Look At The Results By The Numbers

REMAXProfessionals_AZLogo (4)The real test of effectiveness or who the best companies are is best on the individual agents production of sales and commission not the firms as a whole.  As an example Home Smart, Russ Lyons Sotheby , West USA Realty, and Realty Executives employ 800 to 4,000 agents.  These can be referred to in the business as “Agent Puppies Mills”!!

RE/MAX Professionals, RE/MAX Excalibur, Keller Williams, and Ken Meade Realty employ 175 to 400 plus agents.  So you can see we have two models of Real Estate firms in the Phoenix Metro area.  An agent can choose to work with a Mega firm where the broker support is limited or work with a boutique firm that has a “One on One” broker support for their agents.  So why is this important to you if you are a buyer, seller, or even an investor?  Let me explain?

When you have a home to sell or you want to purchase another home it should be important to know that the agent you hire has the most up to date training, is an exceptional negotiator, and he or she works for a company that exceeds the industries sales volumes.  It is simple your goals are similarly aligned with the agent who will be representing you in the transaction.  Let’s be honest the goal is to sell your home in the shortest amount of time and for the highest price possible.  Size or number of agent who work for a real estate firm should not the deciding factor in making the choice of who represent you as Realtor.  The only statistic that matters is if your agent or company he represents are high producer compared to other agents or firms.  So if I am correct you want to hire the “Best of the Best” or the “Top Gun Agents” to represent you in your next Real Estate transaction or am I Wrong?

Now Let’s Look at the 2012 RISMedia Power Broker Rankings

RE/MAX Professionals average sales volume per agent in 2012 was $3.5M with 24.3 transactions/agent and RE/MAX Excalibur was $4M in sale and 15.7 transactions/agent.  Realty Executive’s came in 3rd with average sale volume per agent was $2.7M with 14.8 transaction/agent.  The results show that RE/MAX agents along with Realty Executives are the leading firms in Phoenix by a substantial margin in sales volume and transaction per agent.

On the flip side the 800lb “Gorilla” in the market is Home Smart with over 18,000 agents whose average sale volume per agent was $816K and 4.2 transaction per agent.  You can clearly see that size should not matter to the seller or buyers when firms with less than 200 agents are out performing all Mega firms a regular basis in the Phoenix Market Place.  As they said in the movie “Ghost Busters” – “Who Are You Going to Call?” The answer should be clear now and I would hire RE/MAX Professionals (175 agents) in the West Valley or RE/MAX Excalibur (175 agents)  in the East Valley/Scottsdale and if you are incline Realty Executives of Phoenix with over 800 agents in Phoenix Metro area.

RE/MAX Professionals is Your Community Partner

Front Porch of a HomeownerAnother reason to choose RE/MAX Professionals is our agents and the management are committed partners with 2 major charities in Phoenix.  The 1st is the Children’s Miracle Network that supports the efforts of the Phoenix Children Hospital and the 2nd is the Susan G. Kolman Foundation “Race For The Cure”.  When your partners in a real estate transaction give back to the community it is a “Win-Win” for all of us.

So why is this a decision at all when the choice is obvious?  It is RE/MAX Professionals and Drew Seargent as your “Team Partner” in your next Real Estate Transaction.

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