Video Marketing is the Edge to Selling Your Home in Phoenix, Arizona

Selling Your Home in Today’s Market is Very Competitive at Best So What Presentation Method Would Choose as a Seller……..Click the Video to See more

Let’s be honest most Realtors or Agent listing presentations are boring and most sound an awful lot alike.  The real estate firms in Arizona and the rest of the world for that matter will tell you the same thing………

“We have the latest tools and marketing techniques to sell your home for the highest value in the least amount of time if you only sign the listing agreement on the dotted line…..”

They will also state that their company will provide more exposure than anyone else in the marketplace.  Their marketing plan simply will be to place your property on internet real estate sites, in local publications, in the Arizona Multiple Listing Service, Hold “Open Houses” regularly……..Basically the same information that the previous Realtor told you in his or her listing appointment or presentation (Yada, Yada, and More Yada)…..Have you heard enough by now?

Putting all the above aside you as a Seller simply want to know is…..

“What is the Marketing Edge to Secure a Ready and Willing Buyer to Come See My Home and Make an Offer to Purchase?”

Video Marketing is the Solution To Sell Your Home

The answer is a Professional Produced Video not by a Realtor with his I-Phone or his newest digital camera who is unable to edit the video but a Videographer can produce a “Knock It Out of the Park Home Run”.

The end product will not look like your child’s 1st birthday or his/her prom date but a Professional Video edited perfectly with text and music to inspire the viewer to respond.  By special arrangement my Videographer Stephen Garner from Hub Marketing, Inc. can do this and more for you as the Homeowner……Wow!! Think of the Possibilities!!

So this can be the difference that I provide to my clients as part of my “Total Listing Package….Is this something that appeals to you??

This Professionally and Scripted Video is what will differentiate your home from all the rest on the market today.  A professional produced video posted on my You Tube Channel, the Arizona Multiple Listing Service, REMAX website, my website, and showing up on the 1st page of a Google search is what we will do for you the Homeowner….

Other Realtors today simply ignore how Buyer’s search for available properties on Web and the Internet.  Yes this is a departure from the norm in Real Estate Marketing so let me explain….

When was the last time you watched a video “On Line”?  Today, yesterday or within the last week?  The real answer is you watch videos all the time…..I know this as you are watching videos in every format today from your smart phones to your I-Pad, to your computer and even recording your favorite shows while you are eating dinner for later viewings.  Professional produced videos have an immediate response and a emotional impact to the viewers.  This impact is greater than the written word or digital photographs.  If a picture says a 1,000 words then a video says 10,000 words to the viewer.  A video is 53 times more likely to be on the 1st page of a Google search that the printed word or a digital picture.  This is a huge advantage to the Seller when Buyer’s have the opportunity to view your home for sale in a professional produced video.

Most Realtors are not using videos to to market their properties in 2014, but this has become my standard of practice for all my clients.  The bottom line is which style of marketing do you prefer?  My videos can be viewed in any platform as they are scalable to all mobile devices as well as on a full computer screen.

Now here is the best part simply call or text me at 623 428 9490 or email as I will give you the competitive edge to sell your home in today’s market.  

Drew Seargent, Arizona Realtor 

REMAX Professionals – Arrowhead South Office

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