Seniors Real Estate Specialist

What is a SRES and Why Should This Be Important to Buyers and Seller?

“Seniors Real Estate Specialist” Senior Real Estate Specialist


If you are not a “Baby Boomer” (1946 – 1964) or part of the “Silent Generation” (1927 – 1945) or someone advising them this is not of any importance at all.

The Fact is that a Seniors Real Estate Agent has received specialized training or a designation from the National Association of Realtor that sets him or her apart from the traditional real estate agent. Our 50 plus consumers are unique in their needs and how they conduct business as a group of individuals. They are loyal clients who value integrity, trust, and referrals by their friends/family. The words of an agreement are their bond and they like doing business “One on One” and “Face to Face”.

Let me put this in perspective the Arizona Association of Realtors “AAR” has approximately 53,000 Realtor members and less than 200 are Realtors with an SRES designation. In the West Valley of Phoenix there are less than 25 Realtors who possess this designation. As you probably have figured this out many Realtors are representing clients of this age group without any specialize training for the Active Adult Communities. If this is an important matter to you, your family, or friends you should seek out a Realtor who has a SRES designation if you are a “Baby Boomer” or part of the Silent Generation”.

On the SRES website you’ll find a list of all SRES Agents by name or geographical area on their site plus they have tons of resources for Seniors to use when you have age specific questions or need to find information related senior issues.

The Real Estate Process

If you have not purchased or sold a home in the last few years it is a much different process than you experienced in the past. As your “SRES Realtor” I will be with you every step of the way to explain all of the nuisance or required documents/paperwork associated with the real estate transaction. After 911 there are many security concerns that need to be addressed by federal and state regulations.

My “Team” of Professionals and National Resources

I have a network of professionals who understand the needs of the 50 plus community. My “Team” is made up of health care professionals, tax advisors, legal advisors, estate planners, staging specialist, moving companies, trade contractors, and more. These professionals are here to assist in your decision to purchase or sell your home.

Why Drew Seargent and Coldwell Banker?

In the purchase or sale of you home Coldwell Banker and I have the local knowledge and expertise to handle any real estate transaction with ease. We will provide you with more exposure, more often, in more mediums, at a high quality than any other Realtor in our area. Coldwell Banker of Arizona is ranked by the People’s Choice Award as the No. 1 Realtor in Arizona for several years in a row so why not hire the best franchise in the Southwest.

Simply give me a call or email me today to find your place in Arizona as “Dreams Do Come True in Arizona”

Drew Seargent, Arizona Realtor