Securing a Seasonal Rental in Sun City, Arizona

Securing a Season Rental in Sun City, Arizona is not as simple one may think? 

If this is your first venture to visit Arizona for the clear skies, beautiful temperatures, golfing on a daily basis, watching MLB Spring Training in March, The Phoenix Suns NBA Basketball, The Phoenix Waste Open PGA Golf Tournament You could be into a big surprise!!

Planning Ahead and Research Will Save You Time and Money for Seasonal Rentals

Front Porch of a HomeownerFinding the elusive Seasonal Rental will take a lot of due diligence, advance planning, and the rates could be shocking to you at first.  Let me explain?  Most of you want to rent for only 2 to 3 months and some only want to rent for the month of March for MLB Spring Training.  At the most I find that “Snowbirds” do not want a rental for more than 4  months – Typically from January to April or the Prime Rental Season.  In the past or prior to 2000 the traditional “Seasonal Rental Durations” were 6 to 8 months but all of that has change since the year 2000 or later.  Looking at it from a landlords perspective these properties are virtually impossible to rent furnished at any price from May to October and remain vacant during those months.  When the landlord could rent these units for 6 months or more this was a “Win-Win” for the Tenants and the Landlord at reasonable rates.  Those days are gone in 2015 and beyond.

Securing a Seasonal Rental in Sun City, Arizona and in other Phoenix Locations has become difficult for the Seasonal Visitor or few to choose from in Arizona.  Most landlords insist on a minimum of 3 month rental agreements and have increase the cost to the consumer the “Tenant”.  These home are typically $2,000/month with the average rental cost more like $2,500/month with some approaching $3,500/month price points.  Now the cost is not the only impediment to Securing a Season Rental in Sun City, Arizona it is the low supply as many landlords are converting Seasonal Rentals to Annual Rentals.  Those that remain in the market are rented in March through May for the upcoming year.  To find Seasonal Rentals in the Fall for the coming Winter Season is becoming more difficult if not impossible for the “Snowbirds”.

AGFA DIGITAL CAMERANow for an Arizona Realtor’s advice for Seasonal Renters and “Snowbirds”.  Start your search early say in March or April of the proceeding year, chose a longer rental term as shorter term leases will cost about the same, and contact a Professional Realtor to assist in finding these rentals.  Not all rentals are listed in the Arizona Multiple Listing Service, some are only on Craig’s List, and others are “Word of Mouth”.  Expect that you choices will be limited, dates may not be available, and the cost of rentals will certainly cost more if you wait until the Fall of the upcoming Winter Season.

The Final Assessment and Time to Make a Decision

Let me be “Frank and Truthful” most Realtors are not Property Managers and we make a “Penance” of a fee for arrange these rentals with the landlords or Property Managers.  We will often assist in “Hooking” you up with those folks but this is not what a Realtor typically does for a living.  I do feel for all of you and will provide the resources necessary for you to find a “Seasonal Rental” because after a year of two paying those exorbitant  rates you will be ready to purchase a home in a few years from REMAX Professionals and Drew Seargent.

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