Is a “Lock and Leave” Villa or Condo in Phoenix, Arizona Right for You?

Typically most Americans and Canadians for that matter prefer living in a detached single family homes as it is what we purchased for the last 50 plus years.  This is the fabric of the “Neighborhood Concept” and provided the privacy that we are all were accustom over time.  This still may be your choice if you are retiring permanently to Phoenix where you will be visiting family mostly during the Holidays or for a short summer vacation.

Who Are You? And Where Are You Coming From?

WBV BBQ-LRThe reality is many purchase homes in Phoenix or Arizona for seasonal use in the winter months.  The typical stays are from  5 to 8 months or less and you migrate back to your home state or country during the “Hot Summer Months”.  Our international guest from Canadian or other countries have visa restrictions that only allow you to be in Arizona for less than 6 months out of a calendar year.  If you own a traditional detached single family home someone will need to keep your pool operating at around $100/month, perform yard maintenance in your absence, monthly maintenance visits by a neighbor or a handyman to make sure everything is operational, plus security concerns by leaving a vacant home in Arizona.

Changes in Home Preferences in Arizona

Buying a home in AZWe need to be open to the idea that our traditional preferences for a detached single family home may not be the best choice when purchasing a home in Arizona.  The HOA maintenance Villa, Condo, Twin/Duplex Home may be the answer for seasonal residents, 2nd/vacation homes, or those who travel significantly outside of Arizona.

Against typical wisdom the maintenance cost of owning a single family home versus a HOA Maintenance “Lock and Leave” Home are virtually the same….Really? (See my Blog article on maintenance comparisons).

With that said how cool is it to arrive in Arizona and the exterior of your home is well maintained with no effort on your part as the HOA vendors perform all the landscaping, lawn mowing, and the exterior upkeep.  Isn’t your goal to enjoy all Arizona has to offer with the greatest weather in the country from November to April (6 months of spectacular weather!).  Golfing is great, jogging shorts/Polo Shirts are the norm, Spring MLB Baseball, and other activities abound so why do you want to be doing yard work or painting the exterior of you home…Really Again!!

I know this is a stretch for all of us as we are accustom to our preferences to having a traditional single family home, but we are in Arizona so we need to re-think this paradigm as most of us are only at best part-time residents in Phoenix or Arizona unless you have a full time job in Phoenix.  This most likely is not the case for most of us so enjoy the new life style of “Lock and Leave” Villas and Condos……

I am a Realtor in Arizona and can show you a Villa, Condo, or a Twin/Duplex that will amaze you in how much they feel like a home in Arizona.  As they say “The Times Are Changing”!!

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