For Sale By Owner or Hire a Realtor?

A Mine Field of Liability for the Home Owner

At first this sound like a “No Brainer” as all you have to do is place a “For Sale Sign” in your yard, put an ad in Craigslist, maybe another in the Local Paper, or Pay to List the home on,, or on Then hold a few “Open Houses”, answer telephone inquiries, write an Arizona Purchase contract, and the house is “Sold”……After All a Realtor really does nothing to deserve a commission of 5%, 6%, or even more for the Sale of your Property??

It is not my intent to change perception on why a Realtor deserves every “Penny” for the sale of your home as you probably have your mind already made up by now……But Consider the following national statistics by the National Association of Realtors….

    • A “For Sale By Owner” sells for 25% less than properties represent by a Realtor.


    • 80% of All For Sale By Owners are converted to a Realtor representation in time……Do you wonder Why? It is really not that Easy of a Task!!


    • Realtors are professionally trained consultants in negotiating the highest and best value for your home.


    • A For Sale By Owner needs to be a contract specialist, a professional negotiator, and understand all the legal matters associated with selling a home by State Law. Without these skills it is a very “Slippery Legal Path” for saving the sale commission. This is akin to going to an IRS audit without your CPA and we know that does not make any sense either.


    • If you have a full time job or have hobbies that take you from your home during the week or over the weekend that means your house is not “Up For Sale” during those periods of time…..If you select a Realtor he/she is on the job 24/7 or at least his “Team” will be there when he/she is not available.


    • It is well documented that Buyer’s Agents and Buyer’s will present lower offers given the fact you are not paying a commission to a Realtor to sell your home.


    • The truth is the Buyer will have a Realtor representing them and the Realtor who will ask for a commission split of 50% in the end from you or the Buyer. Basically the For Sale By Owner will save the Realtor commission on the Seller’s side of the transaction.

By employing me as your Realtor you have hired the best trained Realtor in your area who works for the No. 1 Franchise in Arizona to sell your home for the best price possible in the shortest period of time. So why do you want to sell your house without professional representation?

RE/MAX Professionals and I will provide more exposure, more often, in more mediums at a higher quality than any other Realtor in your area. So if you still think that a “For Sale By Owner” makes sense please call me when your home has not sold in the next few weeks or months.

Drew Seargent, Realtor