Escrow Timeline


When the escrow opens, it means that the title company is in receipt of (1) A completed and signed purchase contract, including all amendments and addendums and (2) An earnest money deposit, usually in the form of a personal check, made payable to the title company.


The receipt for earnest money is faxed to both agents and the lender within 24 hours along with the escrow number and pertinent contact information known to us at the time.


1. The commitment for title insurance is ordered and received, then faxed to agents and lender
2. Escrow Officer schedules signing appointment with Seller
3. The Home Owner’s Association is notified and statements are ordered
4. Seller’s written mortgage loan payoffs are ordered
5. Lender’s loan terms and documents are requested (if applicable)
6. Buyer provides Escrow Officer with Insurance information
7. The Pre-Audit HUD1 Settlement is faxed to agents and lender
8. Upon receipt of loan documents, Escrow Officer schedules signing appointment with buyer


Signing takes place with both Sellers and Buyers prior to close of escrow date on contract. Both must bring valid photo identification for Notary Public purposes. Upon completion of signing, Lender’s documentation is returned to Lender for review, approval, and funding. This process can take more than 24 hours at the lenders, so be sure to provide ample “prior to close of escrow” time for these signings. Once funds are received the transaction can record. Close of escrow has taken place after the property is recorded in the purchaser’s name at the county which the transaction took place!


Close of Escrow = Deeds Are Recorded! Cash Transaction may close in 2 to 3 weeks but are dependent on information from all parties and the HOA’s reporting outstanding assessments or other documentation pertinent to the closing process. It is not unusual for a cash sale close of escrow to take 30days or more.

Transaction that have loans involved in the process generally close in 6 to 8 weeks if complications are not encounter, but again this could take more time if challenges arise from the buyer, seller, or the funding loan company. FHA and VA loans generally take longer than a conventional loan but that is not always the case. These are only guidelines to anticipated closing dates and the circumstances will determine the actual closing dates in all transactions.


Once we have confirmed recording information, the funds are disbursed, including commission checks, and final closing packages are ready for pick up, delivery or mail.