2015 Is The Year To Buy a Home In Phoenix, Arizona

With Rents Rising Fast Than Mortgages and Home Appreciation 2015 is the Year to  Buy a Home in Phoenix, Arizona and at Other locations Across the Western U.S. Click the “Link” Here to view the Video from CNN – Feb 2015                       We all knew […]

Securing a Seasonal Rental in Sun City, Arizona

Securing a Season Rental in Sun City, Arizona is not as simple one may think?  If this is your first venture to visit Arizona for the clear skies, beautiful temperatures, golfing on a daily basis, watching MLB Spring Training in March, The Phoenix Suns NBA Basketball, The Phoenix Waste Open PGA Golf Tournament You could […]

2013 Renting Versus Buying Decisions in U.S Cities and Phoenix, Arizona

The “Rent vs Buy” decision is a question that is asked by many of my clients in 2013 as home prices are escalating as well as mortgage rate rising in the last year from 3 1/2% to 4 3/4%.  Both of these are reducing the purchasing power of future home owners in Arizona and across the […]

Tips on Hiring a Realtor in Phoenix, Arizona

I know most of you have a friend, relative or a neighbor who is a Realtor so why stress out of hiring a Realtor.  It is pretty simple if you are buying a home your Realtor looks on the internet or multiple listing service in your area and finds several homes to meet your specification. […]