A Guide to Purchasing or Selling Real Estate in Arizona

If you are securing a loan to purchase real estate in Arizona you should be aware that Arizona and 31 other states are Deed of Trust or “Lien Theory” purchases by Arizona State Statues where the other 29 states are Mortgage or “Title Theory” by state statues. This only means that the loan company does not hold the title it is held by a third party in the behalf of the loan company. So if you come from a Mortgage or “Title Theory” area of the country things are a little different in Arizona or in most Western States. The best part of buying property in Arizona is Escrow and Title Companies handle the closing process without the assistance of lawyers. In many Mortgage States lawyers handle all real estate closing at an additional cost so Welcome to Arizona!!

From beginning to closing, a professional Escrow and Title Agency is dedicated to making sure your transaction is handled with accuracy, honest and efficiency. If you have any questions or need clarifications please give me a call at 623-428-9490 or email dseargent@cox.net. If for any reason I cannot answer your question I will be able to refer you to my preferred Escrow and Title Agency for dependable, quick and personalized service.

Contact Drew or my preferred vendor for escrow and title questions to Fidelity National Title Agency.

Drew Seargent, Realtor


Ann Nunez-Moore

Vice President/Escrow Officer
Fidelity National Title Agency, Inc.